Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Latency hiding patterns

I want to write an entry about latency hiding patterns. Unfortunately my previous attempts became too long and boring even for me. This time I'm going to try something smaller and less rich to get the blog-flow more regular.

I'm interested in latency hiding patterns as I repeatedly see them being implemented at all levels of systems from the silicon to the top of the application stack. Often latency hiding techniques are what deliver better-than-Moore's law performance improvements and can have great impacts to usability as well as throughput and system efficiency.

I would describe latency hiding techniques as things that :
  • Maximise the value of communication
  • Maximise the concurrency of communication and computation
Communication value is maximised by avoiding communication, and when it cannot be avoided, minimising the overheads.
Communication and computation concurrency is maximised by maximising the independence of communication and computation. This requires understanding the dependencies between computation and communication.

Right, all very abstract. Let's hope some examples are more interesting.

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