Sunday, 30 September 2012

Saturday at MySQL Connect

The first day of the first MySQL Connect conference is done.  It's been a busy day!  Many attendees are interested in the new MySQL Server 5.6 release, but of course MySQL Cluster is the main draw here.  After a session from Oracle on the new features in 7.2, and early access features in 7.3, I attended Santo Leto's MySQL Cluster 'hands on lab'.  Despite having started more clusters than most, it felt like a new and exciting experience installing and running my cluster alongside everyone else.  The lab machines had some networking issues, but with Santo's help we seamlessly failed-over to some downloads he'd prepared earlier - very professional!

Afterwards it was my turn to talk on the subject of MySQL Cluster performance.  The quality of the questions was impressive - there seems to be a very capable crowd in San Francisco this weekend.  I was flattered that some audience members were taking pictures of my slides, but there's no need, you can download them here, and probably from Oracle somewhere too.

Finally we had a 'Birds of a Feather' session where a number of users asked questions about replication, backups, failover + arbitration, system recovery etc...  Great to get the chance to explain some things, hear about user experiences, and get some feedback about user experience.

There's been a lot of good content so far, and interesting discussions, but the highlight for me has been meeting with colleagues old and new, from MySQL, Sun and Oracle times.  More of the same tomorrow, I'd better get some sleep!

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