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MySQL Cluster at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

It's Oracle OpenWorld time, and MySQL Cluster will be in San Francisco again along with the rest of the MySQL team. 

The session agenda is online, but can be tricky to navigate given the breadth of the conference, but it's possible to narrow down to those sessions in the MySQL track.

From a MySQL Cluster perspective, there two conference sessions from the Cluster development team, a Hands-On Lab from our Cluster Support team and most exciting, a conference session from some real-world users at NEC.

200 Million QPS on Commodity Hardware—Getting Started with MySQL Cluster 7.4

Frazer Clement, MySQL Cluster Technical lead, Oracle

Bernhard Ocklin, Director MySQL Cluster Engineering, Oracle

Do you have performance demands that a database can’t scale to meet — especially one as simple as MySQL? And if it were even possible, would it require top-of-the-range servers and storage? We previously demonstrated that MySQL Cluster could scale to 1 billion writes per minute, and MySQL Cluster 7.4 exceeded 200 million queries per second (QPS), all with open source software running on commodity servers. Discover how MySQL Cluster achieves this scalability while also delivering in-memory performance, 99.999 percent availability, active-active update-anywhere geographic redundancy, ACID transactions, and both SQL and NoSQL access. Finally, this session offers some tips on getting MySQL Cluster up and running so that you can try it out for yourself.
Conference Session

Monday, Oct 26, 2:45 p.m. | Moscone South—262

Fully Elastic Real-Time Services with MySQL Cluster
Bernhard Ocklin, Director MySQL Cluster Engineering, Oracle
In this session, learn how the MySQL Cluster in-memory real-time engine brings together the best of both worlds—SQL and NoSQL. It scales from a single Raspberry Pi to systems on hundreds of servers.  MySQL Cluster powers networks for more than a billion mobile phone users worldwide and serves massive multiplayer online gaming back-ends. The MySQL Cluster architecture allows the addition or removal of nodes in seconds without interrupting service. It adopts to capacity demands making resources available instantaneously and when needed. Its native Node.js platform and connectors for Java make it easy to write real-time web applications in the cloud. This sessions guides you through common architectures and a use case for elastic MySQL Cluster cloud deployments.
Conference Session
Tuesday, Oct 27, 11:00 a.m. | Moscone South—262

MySQL Server and MySQL Cluster at India’s Financial Inclusion Gateway Service
Shrestha Anishman, Engineer, NEC Corporation
KEIJI ENDO, Staff, 日本電気株式会社
太地 岩田, Manager, 日本電気株式会社
NEC is developing India’s financial inclusion gateway service utilizing MySQL Server and MySQL Cluster. To handle the massive, business-critical financial transactions involved in this project, NEC has conducted deep, detailed research on internal architectures and behaviors of MySQL products. This session explores use cases of MySQL Server and MySQL Cluster in India’s financial inclusion gateway service, and explains how to select appropriate software and optimize systems architecture with methods of software architecture analysis at NEC.
Conference Session
Tuesday, Oct 27, 5:15 p.m. | Moscone South—250

Get Started with MySQL Cluster 
Benedita Vasconcelos, Principal Technical Support Engineer, Oracle

Attend this hands-on lab to learn the basics of MySQL Cluster—when to use it, when not to use it, and how to install, configure, administer, and access it. MySQL Cluster is a write-scalable, real-time, ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability)-compliant transactional database combining 99.999 percent availability with the low TCO of open source. Developers and DBAs attending this session have the chance to familiarize themselves with MySQL Cluster and get a better understanding of how to use it to meet the database challenges of next-generation web, cloud, and communications services with uncompromising scalability, uptime, and agility.
HOL (Hands-on Lab) Session
Thursday, Oct 29, 9:30 a.m. | Hotel Nikko—Peninsula (25th Floor)

There are many other relevant talks from the MySQL team covering Server improvements, Replication improvements, OpenStack integration, Customer success stories etc.

Outside the MySQL track, there are sessions covering the breadth of Oracle products and services.  Despite developing the world's most popular Open Source Database, Oracle still puts some effort into developing older DBMS products :).  I will be interested to hear of the latest advances there.

However the main attraction of a conference like this is meeting people and getting to talk face to face.  If you don't have an OOW pass, but want to mix with the MySQL crowd then please come to the MySQL Community Reception on October 27th.  You can pre-register to avoid any queueing.

See you there!

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