Tuesday, 28 January 2020

MySQL Cluster at FOSDEM 2020

Tomorrow I depart for Brussels, where FOSDEM 2020 is taking place this weekend.

This will be my first FOSDEM and I have heard many good things about it - there are quite a few FOSDEM survival guides online which give a sense of what it is about.

As part of the main FOSDEM event there is a MySQL, MariaDB and friends developer room, with sessions from across the MySQL ecosystem.  Additionally there is also a Databases main track and a PostgreSQL developer room as well as a wide variety of other tracks and developer rooms.

As if that were not enough, there is also a FOSDEM Fringe, before, during and after FOSDEM itself.  This year MySQL are holding a two day fringe event called pre-FOSDEM MySQL Days on Thursday and Friday, where there are two tracks, with over thirty sessions from the MySQL community team, engineers, product managers, customers, contributors and others.

MySQL Cluster is well represented on Friday with four talks from Bernd Ocklin, Giuseppe Maxia and Marco Tusa about using the new MySQL Cluster 8.0.  Later on Friday afternoon I will be running a tutorial on MySQL Cluster 8.0, covering configuration, setup, and looking at some of the existing and new features.

If you are going to be there then maybe we will see each other.  If not then maybe you should try to get there next year?

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